Nomads & Delinquents Hash House Harriers is an occasional hash run held at international Hash events, before or after the main event, when there is no official run scheduled, and when an additional run is desirable. We also run on the Friday of Australian Nash Hash events, when there is no official run. So far, in Ballarat and Port Douglas.

N&D HHH was formed by Oui Oui (Nomads HHH) and Klingon (Delinquents HHH) in Fiji after Interhash in 2018. The first tun was in Fiji and the second was after the KL HHH 80th event. Hashers at both events: Crazy German, CIA, Virgin Blue and Klingon.

If you would like to schedule a run, at some special event, and need a place to post details, then let us know: email.

Our next scheduled run was to be at Interhash in Trindad, onĀ  Monday, 27 April 2020. And then it was to be….. So much for that.

However. We will now host another Aussie Nash Hash Friday Rebel Run, in Adelaide in March 2021. They do not have Friday runs at these events. Just boozy lunches. This is for those with a running problem. See the Run Details and Register pages.

For info contact:
Shiny Dick. 0438 846137 or Klingon 411 143744 email .